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How to avoid millions in fines by complying with the EU-GDPR and become a reliable point of contact for customers, employees, as well as supervisory authorities!


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Why I wrote this course for you

Since coming into force on 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation has been of utmost importance for all businesses who process personal data automatically.

​Yet ​there is still considerable uncertainty about how exactly this should be implemented. There are a lot of different, and often incorrect, interpretations floating around, especially on the internet. It is difficult to say exactly what is “right” or “wrong”, because, put simply, the GDPR is relatively general.

As GDPR equally effects you and me, as well as all entrepreneurs and freelancers from every sector, I spoke with a wide range of lawyers, business colleagues, and data protection specialists. In addition, myself and two of my colleagues have been trained as data protection officers.

The result is this online course, which should support you on your way to understanding GDPR compliance.

My goal is that you:

1. Appropriately check your own GDPR compliance for existing gaps, amending them if necessary.
2. Use these 10 chapters to quickly get into a strong position to review the new legal situation.
3. Feel confident to discuss unclarified issues competently with your lawyer or data protection officer.
4. Use our checklists to prepare yourself as best as possible to recognize risks and benefit from opportunities.

I would like to underline that this online course in no way replaces the legal advice of a specialized lawyer and it also doesn’t claim to be accurate or complete. I would like to share my personal opinion and level of expertise from business to business with you.

​Important: In this course, we focus on specific GDPR rules and don’t go into other areas of law such as competition law and copyright law, etc.

I have deliberately kept the content short and concise. As an entrepreneur, you should have the opportunity to review any necessary knowledge as quickly as possible.

To make effective progress, in the following chapters you will find:

  • current practical knowledge on the GDPR,
  • concrete instructions on when you should act,
  • checklists and documents to further support you,
  • best practices - how to deal with tricky situations.

Why so serious?

You may be wondering why I sound like such a “nerd” with all my recommendations and why I advise getting top marks in your GDPR homework. Simple: There are areas of data protection that you would probably prefer to interpret more “loosely” because they could directly impact your sales and conversions. Especially when it comes to implementing checkboxes and discussions with authorities or stakeholders about whether you comply with Art. 6 (1) par. f GDPR recital 47 (direct marketing to customers is legitimate interest).

You should get an A+ in homeworks on topics that are not damaging your conversion so that the supervisory authority even considers discuss such details with you. This is definitely my most valuable personal tip for you.

Course outline

Introduction: What is the GDPR?

Duration: 10 mins.

What is the point of the GDPR? When are you affected as a vendor or affiliate?

To Lecture 1

Data protection: Your business - your responsibility

Duration: 15 mins.

Where does your realm of responsibility start? Do you know exactly which tools track data on your website?

To Lecture 2

Structuring your privacy policy

Duration: 20 mins.

Learn what is important in a data protection statement that confirms with GDPR. 

To Lecture 3

Third-party providers - what you must be aware of

Duration: 15 mins.

Here we show you how to work together with certain third-party providers in the future.

To Lecture 4

Email marketing: what is changing

Duration: 15 mins.

The do’s and dont’s of newsletter subscription. Are you prepared?

To Lecture 5

Lead magnets and the coupling prohibition

Duration: 10 mins.

Learn how to use lead magnets in the future and what exactly you need to take into account.

To Lecture 6

Set up GDPR compliant tracking

Duration: 10 mins.

Learn how you can carry out legally-compliant

To Lecture 7

How to correctly handle data

Duration: 15 mins.

See at a glance which GDPR-relevant documents you need to provide.

To Lecture 8

Information request - how to handle it correctly

Duration: 10 mins.

We take away the panic in dealing with customer- and erasure requests.

To Lecture 9

The GDPR and Digistore24 - frequently asked questions

Duration: 20 mins.

We are serious about privacy. Find out everything about data protection at Digistore24.

To Lecture 10

We would like to expressly point out that this online course in no way replaces legal advice from a specialist lawyer and has no claim to correctness or completeness. | Impressum | Privacy policy

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