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The GDPR and Digistore 24 - your question, our answers

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In this chapter we would like to answer your most burning questions about working together with Digistore24 as a vendor or affiliate.

Digistore24 and GDPR

Digistore24 has been actively dealing with GDPR since spring 2017. We do this because we value our customers’ privacy rights while ensuring that our vendors and affiliates on Digistore24 have a GDPR compliant partner.
In order to protect your company and your customer data as well as possible, we go the extra mile for you.

This means that we operate all technical and operational measures to comply 100 percent with the requirements of the GDPR. Our procedure is privacy by default (privacy by data protection-friendly default settings). We offer you and your business the highest possible privacy level.

This claim is not only aimed at our operational and technical areas, but also towards our employees. Every employee receives appropriate training to be optimally prepared for the newest requirements.

It is important to us that, as a vendor and affiliate, you can continue to rely on Digistore24 in the future. Therefore, below you will find information that is important for you for your collaboration with Digistore24.  

Should you have any further questions that have not been answered here, please contact us via datenschutz@digistore24.com.

GDPR and Digistore24 - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I - as a vendor - need to enter into a data processing agreement with Digistore24?

​Do I need a data processing agreement with a third party provider?

​Which marketing providers can I work with since the GDPR came into force?

​Do I need a data processing agreement when I use plugins?

​What should be included in your data protection policy?

What has changed relating to freebies since 25 May 2018?

What are the consequences of the GDPR for email marketing?

​How can I obtain consent from my customers to send the newsletter on the order form?

Where does Digistore24 host its data? What is being done to protect this data?

Who is Digistore24’s data protection officer?

Do I have to hire a data protection officer?

​How does it work with the Wordpress plugin or promo link generator?

​Do I need a data processing agreement with joint venture partners?

With these 10 chapters, you have now received a quick overview of the legal changes. Through the GDPR, you have the chance to rethink and improve your business and structures, and then continue to grow at full speed.

So that you can really keep track of this important topic, we have put together another summary of all important information at the end.

This course will be updated at regular intervals.

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We now wish you good luck with implementation

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