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Data protection declaration

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Every website should have a GDPR compliant data protection declaration. You must ensure that your data protection declaration meets all requirements.

Criteria for your data protection declaration

Similar to imprints, the data protection declaration must be easy to find. That means that it must be visible directly on your website - not only after navigating 3 clicks. In addition, it must communicate clearly in plain language which data is collected on the website and how it is processed.

Information that belongs in your declaration

The basis for your data protection declaration are your records of data processing activities. This will now come in handy as the most important element of a data protection declaration is a listing of which data you process, how you process it and with whom. The following aspects should also be included:

Information about the website operator

Listing user rights

Information about the erasure period of personal data

Use of cookies

Transmission and collection of data


As soon as you have compiled all the content, you can also in principle formulate the data protection declaration yourself. However, it is more advisable to have this taken care of by a specialist lawyer, since investigating lawyers will actively search for gaps and formal errors in your data protection declaration. The investment in a specialist lawyer makes sense to me when you take the impending penalties into consideration.

My recommendation: Let a professional advise you about this. While there are also data security generators who can support you, they often don’t include all the tools that you personally use. More importantly: You also bare responsibility here yourself as they always have a liability disclaimer.

To be on the safe side, you should therefore have a data protection declaration individually prepared for you by a lawyer. This way, your lawyer will be liable, not you. Considering the potential costs that could come from paying a fine, this is money very well spent.


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