Lesson 9

Information request - how to handle it correctly

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Questions your customers may ask

 You should be prepared for all possible enquiries - be it for simple information or an erasure request - and know how to answer them. You will likely receive the following information requests:

"What customer data is stored?”

"Where is customer data stored and how safe is the location?”

"Cancellation, for example if a customer no longer wants to receive the newsletter.”

How to deal with erasure requests

Erasure requests are one of the most sensitives requests for businesses. They are based on the so-called “right to be forgotten”, which is now directly enforced by the GDPR.

In the event of an erasure request, it is therefore important that you prepare and implement an erasure concept in advance. These are fixed processes by which all personal data in your company is deleted. You can legally handle requests for erasure only on this basis.
However, be aware that erasure must not only be made when a customer requests it from you. Even without a specific request, customer data must be deleted if the applicable time limits have expired. This means you always have to act regularly.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you develop an erasure concept together with your lawyer. It is individual to you and depends on the way you handle data.


You generally have to store buyer data in Germany for 10 years. You should store employee data for 30 years.

Frequently asked questions about the erasure of customer data

You undoubtedly have some questions in your head on this topic. We would like to help you with the most frequently asked questions. You can then discuss relevant points with your lawyer.

What do I do if a customer would like their data to be deleted, but I can’t delete certain customer information because of retention periods?

When do I have to delete the data in general? Is it not enough if I delete when the customer asks me to?

I have data from prospective customers as well as leads - how long am I allowed to keep them?

How should I act if I receive an erasure request but still need the data, for example, for an invoice.

How can I prove that I deleted the data?

How much time do I have to perform the data request?

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